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Reservations - 207-444-5108 x 2

2017 Lunch Menu

*Roosevelt Double Burger-Double Cheese...$14
*Hamburgers......$10  - *Cheeseburgers.....$12 *
Partridge Wannabe (Chicken Breast) Sandwich.....$10

The above items are garnished with lettuce, tomato and onions.
They are served with chips and/or potato salad.

Caesar Salad.....$8 with Char-broiled Chicken.....$12

Coyote Dogs.....$3 Two for $5
A grilled beef hot dog served with chips and/or potato salad.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich.....$6
Also, available with Ham. Served with chips and potato salad.

Not so Chilly Chili & Cornbread........$9
Beef & organic great northern and garbanzo bean chili, moderately
spiced, garnished with sour cream, green scallions & shredded
cheddar cheese.

Tomato Basil Soup........$6
Lightly flavored with organic sweet basil and garlic. Served
with saltine crackers.

Potato Salad.....$1.50 * Cheese Cake or Cobbler....$6.50
Non-Alcoholic Beverages * Beer, Wine, Cocktails

 Eagle Lake Sporting Camps Dining Menu

2017 Dinner Menu

*Delmonico Steak-Char-broiled
Made famous at Delmonico's Restaurant in New York, this is a large steak wet aged that is usually cut one rib thick and has a fair amount of marbling. Our boneless cut is 1¾ to 2 inches thick. Steaks are seasoned with Kosher Salt and Ground Pepper. A special Mesquite sauce made by Nathan’s uncle is dabbed on the plate. $56

Surf-&-Turf- ½  *Wet Aged Steak and Divers Scallops
A Tender Aged Steak prepared on the char-broiler and tasty baked scallops seasoned and cooked in wine - simple and elegant. Choose your seafood seasoning - spicy cajun, garlic pepper, or white wine. $56

Atlantic Salmon - “the King of Fish” - farm raised in Maine, this dish is an excellent source of protein and omega-fatty acids. Now and then we may feature Sockeye or Coho salmon depending on availability. Salmon ranges in color from white to deep red. Choose your seasoning - plain, spicy cajun, or garlic pepper.  $38

Seafood Scampi
A delightful pasta dish including jumbo shrimp and divers scallopsprepared in olive oil, wine and special seasonings. Enjoy the Cupcake Chardonnay or a favorite red wine with this dish. $42

Veal Parmesan
A classic Italian preparation from the northern region of Parma (Parmigiana means “in the style of Parma”.) Scaloppine (veal cutlets) pounded thin, breaded and layered in a special seasoning, lightly pan fried to a crisp deliciousness before being baked and served atop linguini pasta with marinara sauce and a blend of Italian cheeses. $38

Stuffed Chicken Breast
Farm raised breast of chicken brined in organic herbs, stuffed with traditional stuffing, and topped with a rosemary beurre blanc sauce. $32

Special Orders

Ask about your favorite dish and with notice we may be able to prepare it for your next visit. Vegetarian options are available upon request. We also feature from time to time Rack-of-Lamb and Duck (for two). Jumbo Lobsters and Aged Sirloin steaks and roasts are also a special option.
Dessert Offerings May Include:
Cheese Cake - Apple Crisp- Creme Brulee

Prices may be adjusted based on market conditions.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

*State Consumer Advisory regarding beef, lamb, eggs, milk, pork, poultry, or shellfish that is raw, undercooked, or not otherwise processed: “This food is or may be served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked foods. Consumption of this food may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Please check with your physician if you have any questions about consuming raw or undercooked foods.”
For Reservations or Information: Call 207-444-5108
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aging Beef

Aging makes even the finest meat more tender and flavorful. Meat is placed in refrigerated coolers where temperature, humidity and air circulation are carefully controlled for designated times. During this natural process, the beef’s enzymes break down and tenderize the meat, giving it a unique flavor and ensuring utmost tenderness.


In wet aging, meat is placed in vacuum-sealed bags, which prevent moisture from evaporating, and aged under controlled conditions for three to six weeks. Enzymes break down the meat’s complex proteins from the inside out, producing meat that is more tender, sweet and juicy with a flavor unique to this process.


Dry aging is how beef was aged before vacuum packing became the norm. The dry-aging process begins in a special cooler.

Meat placed in this cooler is strictly controlled for temperature and humidity–where beef ages for approximately 21 to 60 days. Over time — as the beef ages openly, enzymes break down and tenderize the meat, giving it a unique buttery flavor and ensuring supreme tenderness. (For seasoning, we place a Himalayan Salt Block in the cooler.)

Second, the monitored atmosphere causes evaporation–meaning that the meat loses a lot of moisture. Rather than drying out or losing flavor (as some might suspect), beef gets even better with dry aging. Why? As moisture decreases and the meat consequently shrinks, the remaining flavor intensifies. The longer the aging the more intense and unique the flavors. The hard crust formed on the meat is trimmed off before cooking. Because of the extra time, labor, and the shrinkage of the meat, dry-aged beef commands a justifiably higher price.

Steaks are individually vacuum sealed and delivered fresh and ready to grill.

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