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Fishing the Lakes, Streams and Rivers of Northern Maine

  Landlocked salmon reach perfection in these waters, weighing up to thirteen pounds, and the square-tail trout weigh up to six pounds. Since the early 1900’s, sportsmen – even royalty – have travelled to the Eagle Lake Sporting Camps for world-class May salmon fishing along the Square Lake thoroughfare only a short walk from your cabin. Starting from Eagle Lake Camps one may go up Square Lake thoroughfare to the famous Salmon Pools, where the king of fresh-water fighters makes his annual sojourn of several weeks. Words cannot describe the extreme pleasure and deep satisfaction of getting one of these speckled silver beauties on fly or troll.

The Fishing      This wonderful three and one-half mile thoroughfare between Eagle Lake and Square Lake is one of the finest stretches of water on this continent -- placid water, beautiful vistas, and shaded salmon pools. Freedom from wind makes it an ideal place to learn the gentle art of paddling a canoe and tossing a fly.

      In the Fish River chain of lakes both salmon and trout fishing are excellent in May, early June and September. Fishing continues to be good through July and August at Eagle Lake, because Long Lake, Lake, Mud Lake, Cross Lake and Square Lake flow into Eagle Lake through the Square Lake Thoroughfare; and Fish Lake, Portage Lake, St. Froid Lake, and all the Red River lakes flow into Eagle Lake on the south side, through Nadeau's Thoroughfare. Eagle Lake is the outlet for them all, and is the largest and deepest of the chain of lakes, being twenty miles long and from one-half to two miles wide. The camps are also a favorite spot for ice fishing.

      Streams and small poThe Fishingnds nearby are so productive that sportsmen, if they wish, can change their fishing-grounds daily throughout their visit. Square Lake is just three and one-half miles from Eagle Lake Camps through the thoroughfare with its famous salmon pool. During July and August, nearby cold spring brooks and mountain ponds are good choices for catching trout on flies.

      We can arrange for an experienced guide to lead you or help plan a semi-guided adventure. Fishermen should consult revised editions of the Fish and Game Laws for season opening and closing, as there are a number of streams which are closed to all fishing, or have special restrictions as to manner of fishing, length of season, length of fish, and daily limit. Everyone wants your trip to be a success, so please plan ahead.


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